Botox Sale!!

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Right now the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery is offering significant costs savings on Botox!

Botox costs or price is based on how much is used.  And how much that is used is measured in "units".  So you'll hear about the costs of Botox in "how many units"

Also, how much you need is based on how strong your muscle is, so if you have really deep wrinkles, you may need more Botox!

Be careful about places that are not plastic surgery offices and providing Botox for very low prices - because they will give you less units by just charging a flat price and telling you how many units were used!

We care about your safety at one of top places to get Botox in Columbus, Ohio.  We don't want price to be an issue!  So we will match any price from any place in Ohio, just bring in their flyer or quote!  Wouldn't you rather have your Botox at one of the best Plastic Surgeon's office then your dentist?!

Below is the current sale on Botox

  • In between the eyes (Glabellar area) - $260 NOW only $210 a savings of $50
  • Forehead lines - $390 NOW only $315 a savings of $75
  • Crow's feet (lines around the eyes) - $390 NOW only $315 a savings of $75
  • Brow Lift - $135 NOW only $105 a savings of $30

There are many other areas you can have Botox - just ask us!

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